February 5, 2020 at 8:20 am

Alumni News | Bussey’s People Skills Come Into Play as a Talent Acquisition Speciliast

Bakari Bussey

by Alex Paoletti ’20

Bakari Bussey ’15 is a talent acquisition specialist for Cuhaci and Peterson Architects, an architecture and engineering firm in Orlando, FL. He handles the recruitment process within the company’s four locations. He enjoys working with people, speaking to them about their career interests, finding out what drives them, and offering opportunities to further their careers.

His OHIO Experience

Bussey earned his B.A. in Sociology-Criminology from Ohio University. He played football for the Ohio Bobcats, served as a football freshman mentor and a unity council member. He also worked for campus cleanup and volunteered for the Athens County Food Pantry.

Bussey feels he gained much insight from his experience at OHIO. He explains how he overcame the challenges of entering college as a shy individual by developing a love for Athens, which he describes as a “magical and majestic place that brings a sense of comfort and home.”

Being in this type of environment encouraged Bussey to find his voice. He recognized the importance of opening up and making connections with others as the person sitting next to him in class or passing him on Court Street could end up in the same industry or one day become a business partner.

Before long, Bussey’s circle grew from his teammates and coach to his classmates and professors. He believes the time he spent cultivating relations with others while at OHIO was very beneficial for him as his current position requires him to speak with people on a daily basis.

Bussey feels immense gratitude for OHIO, unsure where he would be in his life without the time spent here.

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