February 10, 2020 at 10:00 am

Advising Tip | Are You Planning to Take a Summer Course and Transfer it Back to OHIO?

Eileen Schulz, portrait

Eileen Schulz

By Eileen Schulz
College of Arts & Sciences Academic Advisor

Are you considering taking a summer course at your local community college to complete one of your OHIO degree requirements? If so, the time to start planning is now. Summer courses are a good way to catch up if you have fallen behind or to maintain your momentum.

Before registering for courses at another institution to earn credit through transient study, you must secure permission and per-approval of transient work from the College of Arts & Sciences Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering transient credit:

  • Courses cannot be retakes of classes that you completed successfully at Ohio University.
  • Courses cannot be transferred here to replace a previously failed courses.
  • Junior composition and Tier III course are not transferable.
  • You must earn a C- or higher in the course (a grade of D or higher will only be accepted from Ohio public institutions).
  • Course requisites still apply for courses in a series.
  • Courses must have letter grades (“A”, “B”, etc.).  Courses taken for CR or P/F will not transfer.

Visit the Undergraduate Admission’s website to find a list of Community College Partnerships near you.

You can find more information on transient study along with the “Petition for Transient Student Course Approval Form.”

Finally, if you complete transient coursework you must request an official (sealed) copy of your transcript be mailed to:

Undergraduate Admissions
Chubb Hall 120
1 Ohio University Drive
Athens, OH 45701-2979

Remember, OHIO has a complete list of summer course offerings available on the Athens Campus, Regional Campus and/or Online and do not need prior approval. 

To make an appointment with an A&S Advisor to discuss transient credits call 740-593-2845 or log into MOSN and select “Schedule Appointment.”

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