January 15, 2020 at 11:46 am

OHIO Phi Beta Kappa Wins Keys to Action Week Chapter Award

Phi Beta Kappa chapter gives away pizza during Keys to Action Week.

Phi Beta Kappa chapter gives away pizza during Keys to Action Week.

The Ohio University chapter of Phi Beta Kappa received the Keys to Action Week Chapter Award, which includes $500 to develop future events.

“We loved the way you brought students together for a wonderful on-campus pizza study break event. You also did an excellent job of centering our core theme and values in your content. With your help, we were able to energize our members around the country to engage with their local communities and celebrate our 243rd anniversary with pride!” says Nora Eigenbrodt, National Arts & Sciences Initiative Associate.

“This is the third year we’ve held our pizza event in Alden Library, a tradition we owe to the ingenuity and generosity of Roxanne Malé-Brune, the heart and soul of the PBK team here at OHIO,” says Dr. Paul Milazzo, Associate Professor of History at Ohio University. “Roxanne and I were there to hand out slices to hungry and grateful students, assisted by the newest member of the executive board, John McCarthy, who joined us this fall. The kind of dedication Rox and John demonstrated that evening is the key to our chapter’s success with student outreach, and one reason why our initiate acceptance rate reached an unprecedented 75 percent last year.”

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