January 24, 2020 at 9:55 am

Alumni News | Newby Works With Mularski, Bonham, Dittmer, Phillips & Steele, LLC

A smiling Joel Newby

Joel Newby

by Alex Paoletti ’20

Since graduation, Joel Newby ’12 ’14M has worked as a law clerk in the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office. He attended law school at Capital University. Currently, he is a staff attorney for Mularksi, Bonham, Dittmer, Phillips & Steele, LLC, where he works primarily on criminal law and injury cases.


Newby earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Ohio University, majoring in Sociology Pre-Law and Political Science. After undergrad, he stayed at OHIO to pursue a master’s in Political Science.

His experience at OHIO influenced him profoundly. Inside the classroom, he says that was challenged but encouraged to learn and ask questions, to be self-critical and ask, “Why do I believe or think this?” and “Am I wrong?” Through this, he discovered the power of facts and logic.

Newby explains his classes at OHIO explored topics that are relevant in today’s world. For example, his Sociology classes argued marijuana legalization and criminal justice reform, while his Political Science classes discussed executive powers and immigration issues.

Outside the classroom, Newby participated in several student organizations which taught him skills in leadership and public speaking, as well as the importance of promoting and defending his ideas. He was Graduate Student Senate President and the chairperson of the Center for Student Legal Services. He also served in Student Senate as an undergrad and helped launch The New Political, a publication run by OHIO students that covers politics and government on campus, in Athens, and in Ohio.

Above all, Newby believes the people are what made his experience at OHIO so great. He says, “Ohio University is a family. The people I met during my time in Athens will always be the greatest of friends.”

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