December 1, 2019 at 10:35 pm

Psychology Colloquium | Strategies for Personalizing and Scaling Youth Psychotherapy, Dec. 6

John Weisz, portrait

John Weisz

The Psychology Colloquium Series presents Dr. John Weisz on “Strategies for Personalizing and Scaling Youth Psychotherapy” on Friday, December 6, at 11:50 a.m. in Porter 102.

Dr. Weisz is a Professor in the Harvard University Psychology Department.

According to his website, Dr. Weisz’s research involves development and testing of interventions for youth mental health problems, as well as meta-analyses and systematic reviews characterizing and critiquing the science of youth mental health care. His most recent work involves development and testing of transdiagnostic approaches to youth psychotherapy, including treatment that uses modular design and treatment guided by a small number of broad principles of psychological change. He is especially interested in integrating evidence-based practices with strategies for personalizing treatment to fit individual youth and family characteristics. Weisz’s meta-analyses provide a broad picture of the state of youth psychotherapy research and address specific questions about moderators of psychotherapy benefit. His books include Psychotherapy for children and adolescents: Evidence-based treatments and case examples (Cambridge University Press) and Evidence-based psychotherapies for children and adolescents (Co-edited with Alan Kazdin; Guilford Press).

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