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November 21, 2019 at 8:37 am

Davis Studies Languages, Wants to Teach English or Spanish Abroad

From Ohio University News

Analee Davis ’22 grew up in Guatemala but knew she couldn’t stay there for college.

“Because I wanted to do English and Spanish,” she said, explaining her decision to study abroad in the United States. Guatemala just didn’t have want she needed and wanted.

That brought her to Ohio University, where she is double majoring in English Literature & Writing and Spanish, with a minor in Linguistics.

“As soon as I stepped foot here, I knew I had to come here,” she said. “Everybody was so nice, and it really felt like home. There was no doubt in my mind.”

That wasn’t a decision she had expected to make, though. The sophomore came to Athens thinking she’d never choose OHIO. Why? Because Analee wanted to be different from her father, an OHIO alum.

Coming to campus changed her mind.

Analee said her future plans include traveling for work.

“I would love to teach English or Spanish as a second language” she said. “Anything that has to do with language and people and I get to travel the world – that’s what I’ll do.”

Analee Davis, with friends

Analee Davis

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