October 11, 2019 at 9:10 am

Handshake, Career Closet, then the Career and Internship Fair

Mercina Shaut ’20

by Alex Paoletti ’20

The Fall 2019 Career and Internship Fair at Ohio University took place Sept. 25 from 1 to 5 p.m. in Baker Center Ballroom. The fair was open to all majors.

I spoke with the people at the Career and Leadership Development Center, who gave me the above information, then pointed me in the direction of the Career Closet after explaining the fair required business professional attire. The closet offers just that, which students can try on and take home at no cost.

After my excursion to the Career Closet, I created a profile on Handshake, a website that allows students to connect with employers and discover job and internship opportunities. There, I perused the list of companies that would be attending the fair. It included start-up businesses, such as Lower.com, as well as Fortune 500s, such as Nationwide Mutual Insurance. As an English Creative Writing Major, I researched Sinclair Broadcasting Group and ScribeAmerica, I discovered over fifty employers were looking to hire from any major.

I arrived at Baker the afternoon of the fair. Inside, the ballroom was arranged with rows of tables, where companies displayed their names and slogans on large poster boards. The air was thick with anticipation as students introduced themselves to employers. People filtered in and out all the while, making for a chaotic and overwhelming environment. It was fascinating to see companies from all across the country gathered together and eager to hire, but I realized almost immediately that further research and preparation would have made for a more rewarding experience. I would have prepared further by closely examining the types of careers I could get within these companies, namely Sinclair Broadcasting group.

On Sinclair’s website, under “Sinclair Careers,” there is an option to search for current job openings. Upon selecting a position, I would have made myself familiar with the jobs available in my area as far as description, required skills, and required experience. I would have read about the company’s benefits and explored the short two minute videos that allow you to meet employees from a range of professions as they explain their experiences with the company. I also would have read some recent articles from the company news. Finally, I would have identified their vision, assessed my strengths, and determined what I could contribute to Sinclair Broadcasting Group. All of these things would have set me on a more stable path to success.

After the fair, I spoke with an Engineering Technology and Management major, Mercina Shaut, who was searching for entry level project management positions. She commented, “Ohio University provides students with various opportunities to start our careers in the right direction.”

Spring Career and Internship Fair

Mark your calendar now for the Career and Internship Fair in February 12, 2020 and take a look at other events hosted by the Career and Leadership Development Center.

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