October 30, 2019 at 4:45 pm

Gupta Speaks on Nanoscale Skyrmions and Chiral Magnetic Textures

Professor Jay Gupta

Professor Jay Gupta

By Kate Nichols
NQPI Editorial Intern

Professor Jay Gupta from the Ohio State University’s Department of Physics presented “Spin Polarized STM Studies of Nanoscale Skyrmions and Chiral Magnetic Textures in Oxide and B20 Heterostructures” on Oct. 10 as part of the Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute seminar series.

Gupta and his research group study magnetism in materials and heterostructures with large spin orbit coupling and broken inversion symmetries that produce a variety of textures.

The research uses spin polarized STM methods to probe fundamental science that will allow them to make prototype devices for higher density magnetic storage. Magnetic systems for memory storage are still used for vast amounts of data, and by increasing the density of the magnetic structures, it will be possible to increase storage by over 100 times.

Gupta’s group is part of a collaborative DARPA-funded team with more than 20 members including OSU faculty, PhD students, postdocs and staff researchers. On the team, everyone has a different expertise and contributes to the project as a whole. While Gupta’s focus is on very high resolution magnetic imaging, other members contribute by growing crystals, making and characterizing samples and developing prototype devices.

“Our main next step, now that we can image these structures, is to be able to control them,” said Gupta. “We want to use our probe tip to write or erase these textures, or move them around.” More specifically, Gupta and his team plan to work on enabling the structures to move around at a certain velocity as a step toward high density and fast magnetic memories.

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