October 7, 2019 at 4:37 pm

Apply by Oct. 11 for A&S Faculty Development Award

The deadline for submitting College of Arts & Sciences fall cycle Faculty Development Award proposals is Friday, Oct. 11, at noon.

The objectives of the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Development Program are to aid faculty in the development of new research and teaching skills and to provide opportunities for the development of new research interests. The program will provide travel funds, instructional fees, extraordinary living costs, and materials related to these objectives.


All Group I and Group II Arts & Sciences faculty are eligible to apply. Other faculty may be eligible for Faculty Development Awards when the proposed activity is necessary for the fulfillment of the individual’s professional responsibilities to the University.

The types of activities which will be supported include:

  1. Participation in courses, seminars, workshops, or other activities whose purpose is the acquisition of new research skills or the development of new research areas.
  2. Workshops, seminars, and other activities for individuals interested in incorporating new and innovative developments into their areas of teaching.
  3. The development or exploration of new areas of research, areas which represent a departure from the individual’s current research program and which would be ineligible for funding from either the Ohio University Research Committee or the Baker Fund.

The types of activities which will not be covered include:

  1. Participation in professional society meetings. Exceptions for participating in professional meetings will be made for the following: (a) to rejuvenate an individual’s research program or to reestablish an individual’s teaching qualifications when other responsibilities have interrupted that individual’s research or teaching career, e.g., when someone returns to research after having served an administrative role at the University, or (b) to expand an individual’s research program or teaching interests by acquiring expertise, either technical or substantive, in a new area.
  2. Cost of on-going research in a certain area, except under circumstances where the attendance at a course or workshop will lead to the acquisition of new skills which will be of use in the research. Under these circumstances activities paired to a professional leave will be considered.
  3. Enhancement of University Faculty Fellowships except as cited above.
  4. Support of degree-related activity.
  5. Funds to buy out of classes or to provide summer stipends.

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