September 25, 2019 at 10:20 am

Harrington Is Finalist for FACSS Innovation Award

Dr. Peter de B. Harrington, portrait in office

Dr. Peter de B. Harrington

Dr. Peter de B. Harrington was selected from a competitive pool of applicants as one of four finalists for the 2019 FACSS Innovation Award.

Harrington is Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Ohio University.

“The FACSS Innovation Award differs from other awards in that significant emphasis is placed on the novelty, creativity, and originality of the work. To highlight the very latest techniques and most recent results, the award selection occurs entirely at the FACSS conference via a unique process.

Harrington will present in a special “Innovation Award Session” consisting of four papers covering a variety of topics at the FACSS  SCIX 2019 Innovation Award session on Thursday, Oct. 17. His presentation is on “Accelerated Restricted Boltzmann Machines.”

Each presenter will be allotted 20 uninterrupted minutes to present the salient aspects of their work, after which questions will be solicited from the judges and audience members. The papers will be judged by a panel selected to represent the subject areas in the session, and the results will be announced on Friday, Oct. 18, the final day of the conference. The award includes a total cash prize of $1,500 and a plaque for each author.

FACSS is the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies.

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