August 15, 2019 at 5:06 pm

Houser Earns Tenure and Promotion | Named University Professor

Dr. Jana Houser, portrait

Dr. Jana Houser

Dr. Jana Houser earned tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Geography, effective August 2019.

Houser has made quite a name for herself with her research on tornado genesis. She won an NSF grant last year, and this academic year saw her research being headlined in The Washington Post and Science News, Utah Public Radio, and Earth, Space and Science News.

Houser is an equally consummate teacher. Her innovative and engaging teaching style is much appreciated by students and colleagues alike. It is no surprise then that this year she was nominated by her students and selected by a student committee as University Professor (along with three others). In addition to the honor, Houser will have the privilege to teach a special course, “Extreme Weather Events,” in which she will cover diverse topics and case analyses of extreme and severe high-impact weather events that occur in the continental United States.

The Geography Department is so proud to have Houser within its ranks and looks forward to her continued “meteoric” rise!

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