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July 5, 2019 at 8:32 am

Messenger Quotes Fogt on June’s Heavy Rains

Dr. Ryan Fogt, portrait

Dr. Ryan Fogt

Dr. Ryan Fogt, Associate Professor of Geography at Ohio University, was quoted in a June 23 Athens Messenger article headlined “What’s with all the rain?

Ryan Fogt, the director of Ohio University’s Scalia Lab for Atmospheric Analysis, said Athens has received 3 inches of precipitation in the last week and over 23 inches in the last year, as of Friday. Both totals are above average, though not record setting….

“It just seems really wet because we’ve had several days of nonstop cloudy conditions and chances for rain (in Athens),” Fogt said.

The cause of this deluge of rain is due to weak weather patterns in the jet stream and the current “El Nino” system we are experiencing. According to Fogt, this is causing weather systems to stay parked over the area and occasionally dump large amounts of rain.

Fogt also noted that the precipitation totals aren’t extremely out of the ordinary compared to recent years. In fact, Athens had a wetter 2018 up to this point than 2019, he said.

Read more in the Athens Messenger.

See Athens weather by OHIO students at the Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis.

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