April 28, 2019 at 11:42 am

Career Corner | Sophomore Puts Lab Skills to Work at Quidel

Ohio University student Kaitlyn Wallace has been working part-time at Quidel since November 2017, gaining hands-on experience while she is in school.

She currently works as a Lab Assistant with Quidel’s Research and Development team. In this role, she maintains the cleanliness and sterility of the labs, in addition to helping with inventory, instrument calibration, and order facilitation.

At OHIO, Wallace studies Forensic Chemistry and Biology.

Bringing OHIO Skills to Quidel

“The lab classes I’ve taken at OHIO have taught me how to take care of the glassware, how to neutralize acid with a base, and how to properly calibrate the pH meters. I learned skills like these at school, especially in CHEM 1520, and brought them with me to work in the lab,” Wallace explains.

“I help maintain our lab, and I calibrate every instrument we have,” she notes. “I also sanitize and disinfect the entire lab.”

Wallace is also responsible for several other key tasks and duties at Quidel. She is part of a team that maintains the inventory at Quidel’s Athens location.

“I sorted through every chemical we’ve ever owned, labeled it, and noted when we acquired it and when it expires,” she states.

She also assesses the material stock on a monthly basis, in addition to facilitating internal and external orders. Wallace also communicates with other departments to determine how they might best utilize one another’s supplies.

Quidel Is Great with Student Schedules’

Wallace notes that Quidel is happy to accommodate her busy academic schedule. During the school year she works nine hours per week, though she’s able to work more—even up to 35 hours per week—when school is not in session.

“Quidel is great with student schedules,” she says, “and they really like student workers. I didn’t think I was qualified enough to do this, but the worst anyone can say is ‘no.’ I think students should apply for everything!”

Connecting via Career and Networking Week

Wallace attended OHIO’s 2018 Career and Networking Reception, which the College of Arts & Sciences presents annually. She credits the event with helping her connect with faculty and students from her majors.

“I recommend that students go to the Career & Networking Week. I enjoyed the reception thoroughly. I met seniors in my program who I didn’t know, and I networked with many faculty members from my department and other departments. A lot of people said, ‘We want to work with you on an upcoming project.’ That’s so important!”

About Quidel

quidel logoQuidel Corp. is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions serving to enhance the health and well-being of people around the globe with well-known and respected products that provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information at the point of care. Its core competencies and capabilities focus on immunoassay and molecular testing in the areas of infectious disease, women’s health, and virology.

Quidel is headquartered in San Diego, with research and manufacturing operations in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Germany. Quidel and Ohio University are working together to support alumni in pursuit of rewarding career opportunities.

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