April 24, 2019 at 5:43 pm

Schaum Gets American College Personnel Association Distinguished Service Award

Kacey Schaum, portait taken outdoors

Kacey Schaum

From Compass

Kacey Schaum, Assistant Director for the Career and Leadership Development Center and the College of Arts & Sciences, was honored at the convention for the American College Personnel Association in Boston.

Schaum won the Distinguished Service Award, which honors an individual who has displayed exemplary service and commitment of time and energy to both the Commission for Career Services and the profession. The recipient of this award has demonstrated outstanding service to the Commission, upheld professional standards showing integrity and holds the esteem and appreciation of colleagues, students and peers.

Schaum has been involved with ACPA for the past nine years and joined the Commission for Career Services directorate board about two years ago. She currently serves as the chair-elect and will take on the chair role in March 2020.

In her role as assistant director for the College of Arts and Sciences, Schaum’s position is split between the CLDC and CAS.

“I believe I received this award because I value my involvement with ACPA and devote time every month toward fulfilling my commitments with the organization,” Schaum said. “Working with ACPA allows me to feel connected to higher education as a whole, and I appreciate being able to learn and grow with other career services professionals.”

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