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April 25, 2019 at 11:16 am

Poggione Named Associate Dean for Students, Instruction, and Curriculum

Dr. Sarah Poggione, portrait

Dr. Sarah Poggione

Dr. Joseph Shields, Interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, announced that Dr. Sarah Poggione will become Associate Dean for Students, Instruction, and Curriculum in the college, effective July 1.

Poggione is Associate Professor of Political Science and has served as department chair since 2017.

“She has significant experience in areas including curriculum, assessment, and regional higher education, which will serve her well as Associate Dean,” noted Shields. “Sarah will be stepping into the role currently held by Dr. Laurie Hatch, who will be returning to full-time faculty activity in the Sociology & Anthropology Department. Laurie has provided outstanding leadership as associate dean, and I anticipate a smooth transition and continued strong leadership as Sarah moves into this position.”

Poggione said she has “enjoyed working with my colleagues both within and across the College of Arts & Sciences as a department chair, and I am very excited to continue working with my colleagues in my new role next year.

“During my first few weeks on campus at Ohio University, I attended a College of Arts & Sciences event recognizing award-winning faculty and students in the college and introducing new faculty. I was struck then by the opportunities that OHIO students had to work with truly outstanding faculty, not just in their courses but in partnering with faculty on research and other collaborative projects. I am thrilled to help promote these kinds of opportunities as well as leadership and engagement opportunities for our students. In addition, I look forward to supporting and recognizing the work of our innovative and excellent faculty who are committed to the success of our students,” she said.

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