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April 17, 2019 at 2:45 pm

Williams Honored as 2019 Outstanding Cutler Scholars Mentor


 Kelly Williams, portrait

Dr. Kelly Williams

Dr. Kelly Williams, Lecturer in Biological Sciences, was recently selected as one of 17 outstanding mentors by the Cutler Scholars in the graduating class of 2019.

Williams is a graduate of Ohio University and teaches several upper-level courses that are required of several BIOS majors: BIOS 3030 (Comparative vertebrate anatomy) and BIOS 3760 (Field ecology), as well as graduate courses in Biostatistics (BIOS 8700).

She has broad research interests that encompass how organisms respond to environmental variation. She is interested in how habitat structure affects the distribution and availability of resources (e.g., arthropods) and how individual behavioral and physiological variation affects the acquisition and allocation of resources.


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