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April 29, 2019 at 2:05 pm

Career Corner | PSIMed Has Opportunities for Psychologists, Therapists

PSIMed is hiring for psychologist and therapist positions around the state of West Virginia.

Logo for PSIMedStudents interested in any of the following positions should send their resumes to Kelly Sowards at


  • Saint Marys Correctional Center


  • Cabell County Youth Report Center
  • Harrison County Youth Report Center
  • Lorrie Yeager Juvenile Facility/Wood County Youth Report
  • Huttonsville Correctional Center
  • Raleigh County Youth Report Center
  • Kenneth “Honey” Rubenstein Center
  • Jackon/Mason Youth Report Center
  • Lincoln Youth Report Center
  • Vicki Douglas Juvenile Center
  • Wetzel County Youth Report Center
  • Saint Marys Correctional Center

See more job opportunities at PSIMed.


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