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Alumni News | Dailey Rises to Associate Director of Supply Chain at Quidel

Jon Dailey, portrait

Jon Dailey

Ohio University alum Jon Dailey ’03 has risen through the ranks at Quidel. He started as the Supply Chain Manager in 2015 and now works as the Associate Director of Supply Chain at the Athens location.

He notes that the concept of the supply chain varies among companies, but at Quidel, the supply chain “means everything coming and going, so we purchase the materials, plan the manufacturing, receive the raw materials, and ship the finished goods.” Dailey also oversees the final assembly operation.

His responsibilities are broad yet perfectly suited to his expertise and skills. Upon joining Quidel’s workforce, Dailey brought a great deal of management and sales experience and industry knowledge. He particularly excels at developing a strong rapport with Quidel’s corporate office while establishing a dedicated team of employees.

“I brought industry-tested best practices for supply chain management that I thought could really benefit the organization. I’ve done quite a bit in purchasing, where we’ve leveraged some corporate spin to get some better pricing. I’ve helped to build up that corporate relationship while also building the internal team here, and really trying to connect the team to the corporation and their vision,” he says.

‘Broaden Your Skill Sets and Opportunities’

Dailey advises current students to think broadly about the employment opportunities they will pursue after graduation, noting that many students who study technical fields often work in “support roles, like the supply chain.”

He explains that having a comprehensive base of technical skills will make students more marketable and versatile, ultimately appealing to companies’ various business functions and needs. Dailey also notes that OHIO’s Supply Chain Management Certificate provides great preparation for the work force.

“In students’ career planning, they shouldn’t pigeonhole themselves to ‘I’m an engineer, so I’m only going to design things,’ or ‘I’m a chemist, so I’m only going to make compounds,” he advises.

“There are lots more opportunities out there if someone is willing to broaden their base, talk to their management, and learn the business side or other areas of the organization. You can really broaden your skill set and your opportunities,” he adds.

‘Build Big Relationships’

When hiring new employees, Dailey’s strategy involves hiring “the right, excellent people” and then determining where they will thrive within the company. He looks for two key characteristics: problem-solving skills and people skills.

Having a strong set of technical abilities is only part of the equation, he explains.

“Being really good at what you do will get you a seat at the table, but being really good with people and knowing how to work with people is key. My strategy over my career has always been what I call ‘building big relationships.’ That’s with your internal and external customers, suppliers, stakeholders. So if you want to go really far, that’s the key: be good at what you do technically, but also build big relationships within your career,” he suggests.

‘I’m Proud to Be a Bobcat’

Dailey holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, which is now called Engineering Technology and Management (ETM).

“The ETM major is a broad engineering, manufacturing, and technical degree, but also it prepares people like me—technical people—for management positions. It gives a very broad base of quality systems, manufacturing processes, engineering theories, and methods,” he remarks.

Dailey serves on the industrial advisory board for ETM at Ohio University; he notes that speaking with ETM students allows him to maintain his close ties to his alma mater, which he credits with his strong foundation in technical skills.

“I think the broad base of my manufacturing skills, coupled with my technical ability and problem-solving skills that I learned at OHIO, really prepared me for being a technical operations manager. I’m proud to be a Bobcat. I carry that with me wherever I go.”

About Quidel

quidel logoQuidel Corp. is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions serving to enhance the health and well-being of people around the globe with well-known and respected products that provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information at the point of care. Its core competencies and capabilities focus on immunoassay and molecular testing in the areas of infectious disease, women’s health, and virology.

Quidel is headquartered in San Diego, with research and manufacturing operations in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Germany. Quidel and Ohio University are working together to support alumni in pursuit of rewarding career opportunities.

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