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February 6, 2019 at 7:54 am

WOUB Interviews Perez Sheldon on Religion, Science and Politics

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WOUB Digital’s Spectrum interviewed Dr. Myrna Perez Sheldon in a story headlined “Religion & Science are Bound Together by Public Policy and Political Authority.”

Dr. Myrna Perez Sheldon

Dr. Myrna Perez Sheldon

Perez is Assistant Professor in Classics & World Religions as well as Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

A new study will examine how the relationship between science and religion impacts political power, social authority and culture, according to Dr. Myrna Perez Sheldon, assistant professor of Gender and American Religion at Ohio University and editor of “Cosmologics,” a magazine that is the project of the Science, Religion, and Culture Program at Harvard Divinity School.

Dr. Perez Sheldon believes that too often we become fixated on whether science and religion are polar opposites of one another and whether if one believes in one it precludes any belief in the other. She feels that concentration purely on science versus religion begs many more important questions.

Instead, Dr. Perez Sheldon thinks we should dig deeper and examine the relationship of religion and science and the impact of both on our political debates and cultural decision-making….

Read more at WOUB Digital.

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