February 12, 2019 at 4:15 pm

Tatarek Presents on Women’s Health and Mortality in Ohio’s Coal Mine Towns

Dr. Nancy Tatarek in her office

Dr. Nancy Tatarek

By Aissatou Boye ’20

Dr. Nancy Tatarek, Associate Professor of Anthropology, presented a paper on “Nevertheless She Persisted: Women’s Health, Mortality and Lifecourse in Ohio’s Coal Mine Towns 1867-1950,” at the Social Science History Association conference in Phoenix in November.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Histories of Disadvantage: Meanings, Mechanisms, and Politics.”

The Social Science History Association is an interdisciplinary organization that publishes a journal, Social Science History, organizes an annual conference, supports graduate student travel to the conference, and awards book prizes. The association is a diverse and knowledgeable group of scholars in history, economics, sociology, demography, anthropology, and other social sciences who have come together in thematic networks where they can explore common questions. Each network organizes its own call for papers and selects the bulk of the papers to be presented at the annual conference. This open, flexible, and non-hierarchical structure makes these networks particularly welcoming spaces for younger scholars and invigorating tonic for more seasoned academics, according to its website.

“The Social Science History Association annual meeting is a wonderful opportunity to interact with a wide variety of national and international scholars,” Tatarek says. “Each session is geared toward conversations between different researchers, so I always find the experience rewarding.”

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