February 1, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Math Biology Seminar | Steady States of Lattice Models of Population Models with Immigration, Feb. 19

Dr. Yaqin Feng, portrait

Dr. Yaqin Feng

The Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Biology Seminar presents Dr. Yaqin Feng discussing “Steady states of the lattice models of the population models with immigration” on Tuesday, Feb. 19, from 3:05- to 4 p.m. in Morton 326.

Feng is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Ohio University.

Abstract: We consider the time evolution of the supercritical Galton-Watson model of branching population models with immigration on the lattice in continuous time. We prove Carleman type estimation for the cumulants. We show the existence of the steady state in general case and provide the limiting distribution in a solvable case.

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