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January 20, 2019 at 8:25 am

Nevin Op-ed | To Make College Affordable Increase State Funding

Dr. Mark Nevin, Associate Professor of History at Ohio University-Lancaster, wrote an op-ed in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette headlined “To make college affordable increase state funding.”

The inauguration of Mike DeWine as Ohio Governor offers the opportunity for the state to chart a new course in the area of higher education. Former governor John Kasich made the laudable goal of affordability his top priority. But his approach focused almost exclusively on cutting costs.

He championed College Credit Plus to enable high school students to earn low-cost college credits; he expanded the opportunities for community colleges to offer four-year degrees; he urged colleges and universities to offer tuition guarantees to their students; and he imposed tuition freezes. While these measures may have helped some Ohioans afford college, higher education will continue to remain out of reach for many unless Governor DeWine and other state leaders make much needed investments in higher education.

Read more in the Eagle Gazette.

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