January 28, 2019 at 7:33 pm

Fredette and Sullivan Receive Research Funding from CLJC

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Fredette and Dr. Kathleen Sullivan for being chosen as the recipients of funding from the Center for Law, Justice & Culture Research Fund.

Fredette and Sullivan are both faculty affiliates of the Center for Law, Justice & Culture and associate professors in Political Science.

The research fund was established in September of 2018 through the CLJC research incentive account to support the careers of faculty pursuing interdisciplinary law and society scholarship.

Dr. Jennifer Fredette, portrait

Dr. Jennifer Fredette

In order to be awarded funding, applicants had to submit proposals to the Center for Law, Justice & Culture Executive Committee, giving a brief explanation of their proposals, which were required to relate to law and society studies.

Fredette’s project, “Post-Colonial Reinterpretations of French Republicanism, from Martinique to Continental France,” focuses on the study of the diaspora of ideas from the French Caribbean to the continental mainland of France.

Through this study comes the questions: “How do distinctly Martinican political and legal claims about inequality interact with continental French political discussions about economic inequality and labor disputes?” and “What happens when these claims come into conflict with the French norm of color-blindness?”

Fredette will be spending the upcoming summer in France in order to conduct interviews with Martinican activists, specifically those who are activists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and intellectuals, in Paris.

Kathleen Sullivan, portrait

Dr. Kathleen Sullivan

Sullivan’s project, “The Protection of Seamen, 1789-1915,” focuses on the regulation of seamen in San Francisco, distinguishing the modes of protection and regulation of sailors in different American port cities, including San Francisco, Boston, and Charleston.

Sullivan plans on using her funding in order to travel to San Francisco, Boston, and Charleston and go through each of their regional National Archives.

Congrats again to both!


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