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November 19, 2018 at 3:34 pm

Post Quotes Creative Writer O’Keeffe on ‘State of Artistic Field’

Patrick O'Keeffe, portrait

Patrick O’Keeffe

Patrick O’Keeffe, Associate Professor of English at Ohio University, was quoted in a Post story headlined “Creative writers weigh in on state of artistic field.”

Patrick O’Keeffe, an associate professor of English, has published two works of fiction. He, too, came to love reading and writing at a young age, and that eventually led him to pursue a master’s of fine arts in English from the University of Michigan.

Now, when students pursuing creative writing ask him for professional advice, he tells them his publishing journey and encourages them to also consider applying to MFA programs.

In addition to a formal education, O’Keeffe said there’s also great value in finding trusted readers — a cohort of other writers to provide one with honest feedback can be incredibly beneficial.

Read more in the Post.

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