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November 19, 2018 at 3:15 pm

Eagle Scout Wants to Study Geology at Ohio University

The Logan Daily News reports that Logan Hill School senior Jerry June of Gore, Ohio, earned the Eagle Scout award and plans to enroll at Ohio University and study geology.

The newspaper describes his Eagle Scout project:

Being that he has a high interest in history, June decided to restore the old Gore election house building located in Gore. After some research and discussions with area residents, he inquired and found that the building was on Wayne National Forest property and that the building was considered as a historical landmark. It took almost a year of discussion and a few meetings with officials at the Wayne National Forest and the New Hope United Methodist Church, but ownership was transferred to the church and the project was approved. The first huge step that June encountered was working with a local contractor that agreed to help him by relocating the building intact about one-half mile to the church property.

Once the building was set in place on its new foundation, June continued with his plans of restoring the building, which included a new roof and a coat of paint. He organized a few work days getting both adults and youth to work on removing the old deteriorated roofing and the installation of a new metal roof. After the roof was finished, he set up more work days and then finished up his project by painting the exterior siding, fixing a few areas that siding was missing, and a super interior cleaning. In fact he found several old voting ballots and old items that he gathered and might be something to display inside the building at some future time.

Read more in the Logan Daily News.



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