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November 7, 2018 at 8:37 am

AccuWeather Quotes Klein on Maryland Athlete’s Heat-Related Death

Ian Klein, portrait

Ian Klein

AccuWeather quoted Ian Klein, Lecturer in Biological Sciences at Ohio University,  in a story headlined “University of Maryland students protest, football coach fired following athlete’s heatstroke-related death last spring.”

“When you have heat exhaustion, which is down at the second level after heat cramps, heat exhaustion then becomes heatstroke once the body’s core temperature gets over about 104 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Ian Klein, a lecturer and exercise physiology researcher at Ohio University.

“At this point, you’re no longer sweating, and the way that the body cools itself down through sweating basically shuts down,” Klein told AccuWeather.

The individual would need to be cooled down manually in this case.

“Placing them in cold water immersion, which is basically an ice tub or a whirlpool of water that is under 55 F and as cool as 40 F, can rapidly cool the body, which it needs in order to prevent any increases in body temperature,” he said.

Read more at AccuWeather.

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