October 10, 2018 at 11:21 am

Career Corner | R.S. Hanline Offer Summer Internships in Shelby, Ohio

The R.S. Hanline Co., one of the largest produce distributors in the East, is seeking applications for summer internships in Shelby, Ohio.

Hanline also has openings inr Carrier Sales and Produce Brokerage Sales.

R.S. Hanline a trusted fresh produce supplier to some of the most reputable food service and retail companies in the United States, offering an extensive line of value-added and locally grown products.

The R.S. Hanline Internship Program

The R.S. Hanline Internship Program will introduce students to the full range of operations within the company. The students will be assigned to specific areas and a supervisor while rotating through each department within R.S. Hanline. The program provides an opportunity for a student to gain real world, practical experience and professional skills that will complement their academic program and enhance their career opportunities.

R.S. Hanline & Co. logoThe objective of the program is to provide students with employment that includes challenging responsibilities and training experience, while applying knowledge from their current course studies. Students should demonstrate strong leadership, communication, and/or team building skills. The program is also intended to support our organization by allowing us to work with junior and senior-level college students prior to their graduation date to increase our ability to recruit these individuals for full-time opportunities.

“The R.S. Hanline Company is a trusted fresh produce supplier to some of the most reputable food service, retail, and wholesale distribution companies in the United States. Being one of the largest produce distributors in the East, we have a diverse offering that includes an extensive line of value-added, specialty, and locally grown products for all segments of produce industry. Additionally, we have opportunities available within our umbrella company, Entourage Freight Solutions, as well as our newly launched Produce Brokerage. Through these lines of business, R.S. Hanline offers a start-up feel that is backed by corporate dollars and over 40 years of successful business. If you’re looking for a role that provides expansive room for growth, autonomy, and a sense of purpose within a family-oriented culture, we are the company for you. We are seeking creative and driven individuals to help us reach our goal of DOUBLING in revenue by 2022. We can’t wait to meet you!” said Hanline recruiter Abby Filer.

The internship pays $11 per hour and benefits include a monthly housing reimbursement.

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