October 10, 2018 at 12:33 pm

Burgess Surprises Undergrad with Distinguished Professor Scholarship

Dr. Susan Burgess, portrait

Dr. Susan Burgess

By George Shea ’19

For the first time in the College of Arts & Sciences, a woman professor received the Ohio University Distinguished Professor Award. Dr. Susan Burgess became the 53rd OHIO professor and the fifth OHIO woman to receive this award since its inception in 1958.

Each year the university awards a single professor this award, the highest distinction an OHIO faculty member can receive. In order to be considered, professors must have tenure and a minimum of five years of service at OHIO. Furthermore, the nominated professor must have a letter of nomination and up to 10 supporting letters from external experts in the professor’s field.

For Burgess, it appears as though she was extremely qualified to receive this award. She joined the university in 2000 with a specific task. She ultimately created, hired and organized what now is the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major here at OHIO. Additionally, she has published numerous books that cover a variety of issues such as LGBTQ politics, Law and Culture, and Political Science. She also has been on the governing boards of the American and Western Political Science Associations. However, Burgess believes that there is more to her receiving this award than just her accolades.

“Its nice to be recognized as a person,” she said, “But when you are able to do a lot of good work or research, that happens in communities. We have a very good community in here in political science and in the college more generally that allowed me to do certain kinds of work that might not have been welcomed at other different departments of political science programs or at a different school.”

Sadie Young, portrait at a rocky beach

Sadie Young

And a Surprising Award for One Undergraduate

With this award, each professor is bestowed the honor to grant one undergraduate student a year with a scholarship. Burgess surprised one undergraduate student with this scholarship.

Sadie Young, a sophomore at OHIO, was shocked to find out that she received this scholarship.

“Honestly I just applied for the scholarships through OU,” she said, “It actually totally caught me by surprise.”

Young is an exceptional student. She is an active member of Phi Alpha Delta, the pre-law fraternity at OHIO, and was involved with Mock Trial Team. This organization is dedicated to helping students interested in law and the legal system pursue their education outside of the classroom with hands-on experience.

Additionally, Young traveled with Ohio University to Northern Ireland as part of the Center for Law, Justice & Culture program. There, she studied the imbalance of power within Northern Ireland and the effects the law and culture have had on the country. This program is part of the LJC certificate, which Burgess took notice to during the selection process.

“She (Young) is a political science major and she is a student in very good standing with the university,” Burgess said.

Young hopes that this scholarship will help her continue her education post-undergraduate at Law School.

“I am humbled and honored to receive this scholarship,” Young said, “It gives me the chance to pursue my passions in law and inspire others to chase their passions and dreams.”

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