September 7, 2018 at 3:26 pm

Message from the Chair | ‘Uplifting’ New Atmosphere Coming to Ellis

Jack Bender, portrait

Dr. Jack Bender

Greetings Philosophy Alumni!

This is a little note to you to say “Hi” and to invite you to a very special occasion for our department: a sneak peek of Ellis Hall renovations during Homecoming 2018.

As some of you already know, we have spent this last year working from Lindley Hall, as a complete renovation of Ellis Hall has been under way. As you can imagine, the Philosophy faculty is very pleasantly anxious to get reinstalled on the second floor of Ellis. The floor has been beautifully reorganized with Philosophy housed in the southern wing of the building.

It will be a joy to teach from new, active-learning classrooms that can be configured in multiple ways to facilitate innovative teaching practices. Comfortable new offices provide very pleasant work areas for each faculty person, and shared open spaces allow for informal discussions among faculty and students. The “atmosphere” will be mentally very uplifting, helping to make for an enjoyable and good day’s work.

Our main department office will be located in a central common area, shared by Classics & World Religions as well as English. Another new and very important element in the building will be a large central student gathering and study area that certainly will add to a sense of an “Ellis Humanities community.”

In celebration of the opening of the “new” Ellis and a new home for Philosophy at Ohio University, we are inviting you to join us during this year’s October Homecoming, when you will have a special opportunity to tour the building, accompanied by some of the faculty and our current graduate students. Watch for information about the ribbon-cutting that will happen in January.

There will also be a College of Arts & Sciences tent during the Oct. 20 Homecoming celebration, where you will be able to re-kindle old friendships and meet department members who might be new to you. We all believe that this will be a very memorable event and are excited at the chance of celebrating along with you! And remember how beautiful Athens and the campus are during October!

Look through the rest of this newsletter to read about some of our faculty’s recent activities.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Bender

Professor and Chair



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