July 23, 2018 at 12:20 pm

Peters Authors Article on Making Good News Even Better

Dr. Brett Peters, portrait

Dr. Brett Peters

Dr. Brett Peters, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Ohio University, authored an article on “Making the good even better: A review and theoretical model of interpersonal capitalization” in the journal Social and Personality Psychology Compass.

Abstract: When good things happen, individuals will often retell this good news to others, a process termed capitalization. In so doing, individuals sharing their good news (i.e., capitalizers) boost their mood and relationships with the person(s) to whom they retell their news (i.e., responders). Most extant research has focused on the benefits for the capitalizers. Capitalization, however, is a social process that affects both capitalizers and responders, and research has only begun to explore the benefits of capitalization for responders. In this article, we provide a fresh perspective on the state of this literature by proposing the interpersonal model of capitalization (InterCAP). We illustrate how InterCAP (a) integrates and organizes existing research and theory, (b) formally emphasizes the interpersonal and iterative nature of the capitalization process, and (c) identifies gaps in current knowledge. We conclude by offering recommendations for integrating InterCAP with other theoretical models and suggestions for future research.

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