July 12, 2018 at 12:14 pm

Alumni News | Class Assignment Turns Into Newspaper Op-Ed

A smiling Maria Funcheon

Maria Funcheon

Students in Dr. Nicole Kaufman‘s graduate seminar (SOC 6090) wrote op-eds on prisoner reentry and submitted them to newspapers as a course requirement. One student, Maria Funcheon ’18M, who graduated with her M.A. in Sociology in May, just had hers published by Streetvibes Cincinnati.

Streetvibes is a social justice-focused paper that benefits the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless. All paper distributors are homeless or formerly homeless and keep the profits they earn from selling the papers in downtown Cincinnati.

Former Inmates Deserve A Second Chance. Let’s Give It To Them.

by Maria Funcheon

Former prisoners re-entering their communities face many challenges associated with reintegration, like landing a job and affordable housing, re-establishing relationships with friends and loved ones, and keeping up with probationary responsibilities. These challenges are compounded by the shame that looms over them because they have served time.

Although reentry is touted as a second chance, there are ways society negatively views former prisoners that make this second chance nearly impossible. This shame is detrimental not only to former prisoners, but also their loved ones and our communities. Former prisoners have paid their debt to society, and we must support them in their reentry process in order to truly offer the second chance they deserve….

Funcheon now works as a global education consultant in New York City.

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