July 2, 2018 at 2:22 pm

22 A&S Faculty Granted Promotions, Seven Get Tenure

Twenty-two College of Arts & Sciences faculty were granted promotion, with seven also granted tenure, by the Ohio University Board of Trustees in June.

“Faculty who are awarded tenure or granted promotion have distinguished themselves among their peers locally and in the larger academic community for their very substantial accomplishments in scholarship, teaching, and service,” said Dr. Joseph Shields, Interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. “We applaud their dedication and their commitment to maintaining Ohio University as a vibrant and engaged intellectual community.”

Promotion to the Rank of Professor

Dr. Douglas Clowe, Physics & Astronomy

Dr. José Delgado, Modern Languages

Dr. George Hartley, English

Dr. Daniel Hembree, Geological Sciences

Dr. Robert Ingram, History

Dr. Beth Quitslund, English

Dr. Julie Roche, Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Takaaki Suzuki, Political Science

Dr. Julie White, Political Science

Promotion to the Rank of Senior Lecturer

Karen Mammone, Biological Sciences

Anne Scott, Modern Languages

Dr. Lara Wallace, Linguistics and English Language Improvement Program

Promotion to the Rank of Associate Professor with Tenure

Dr. Brian Collins, Classics & World Religions

Dr. Cory Crawford, Classics & World Religions

Dr. Charlie Morgan, Sociology

Patrick O’Keefe, English

Dr. Assan Sarr, History

Dr. Brian Wymbs, Psychology

Dr. Mirna Zakić, History

Promotion to the Rank of Associate Professor

Dr. Lauren McMills, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Promotion to the Rank of Associate Lecturer

Dr. Christine Griffin, Biological Sciences

Dr. Joanna Mitchell, Modern Languages



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