June 12, 2018 at 8:30 am

Online Certificate in Data Analysis for Those with No Statistics, Programming Experience

Female finger touching a beam of light surrounded by charts and graphs

A new three-course Online Certificate in Data Analysis is designed for recent college graduates and working professionals without prior background in statistics and computer programming. The program starts in spring 2019.

“An increasingly data-informed world has created a demand for data-agile people. The ability to understand novel problems, apply good judgment, and make informed decisions has become essential to leadership. Students earning the Certificate in Data Analysis learn to describe, analyze, and visualize real-world data using open-source tools,” says Dr. Michael Burton, Associate Professor of Political Science and Certificate Director.

The graduate certificate, which begins in Spring 2019, offers foundational skills in three core areas of data analysis:

  • Computer programming
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data-informed communication

The courses in the Data Analysis Certificate are designed for students who have completed, at a minimum, college algebra (even if those skills may have faded), and the program assumes no prior experience with programming or statistical expertise. Students will learn logic, programming, and data visualization using R, Python, and LaTex.

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