June 7, 2018 at 3:18 pm

Brandenburg Receives Top Honors at National Symposium

Kristyn Brandenburg

Kristyn Brandenburg

Ohio University astrophysics doctoral student Kristyn Brandenburg was recognized at the spring 2018 Stewardship Science Academic Programs symposium, where her poster and presentation received the Outstanding Poster award.

Physicists from approximately 40 universities attended the biennial symposium in Bethesda, Md., which was sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration.

“The goal of my research project is to design a detector tailored to measure neutrons from (alpha,n) reactions at OHIO’s Edwards Accelerator Laboratory,” Brandenburg says. “Understanding (alpha,n) reactions is important to origin of the element studies and nuclear fusion/fission research.”

Brandenburg’s adviser, Dr. Zach Meisel, Assistant Professor in Physics & Astronomy, said Brandenburg was recognized at the SSAP symposium because she is pursuing interesting, novel research and has a talent for presenting her work.

“Kristyn’s research stands out because it impacts a broad range of nuclear applications, including national security and nuclear energy, as well as nuclear astrophysics,” Meisel said.

“Presenting research progress at scientific meetings is an important component of fundamental research,” Meisel continued. “Developing new techniques and having interesting findings have a deflimited benefit to other researchers and to society if no one knows about it.”

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