April 17, 2018 at 8:21 am

Scanlan Delivers Keynote on ‘Ongoing Significance, Persistence, and Necessity of Sociological Imagination’

Dr. Stephen Scanlan

Dr. Stephen Scanlan

Dr. Stephen Scanlan, Associate Professor of Sociology, delivered the keynote address at the fifth annual Northeastern Ohio Undergraduate Sociology Symposium at Oberlin College.

The theme of this year’s symposium was #sociology:asrelevantasever.

The title of Scanlan’s talk was “Sociology and Its Discontents: The Ongoing Significance, Persistence, and Necessity of the Sociological Imagination.”

The talk focused on recent attacks on science and the important place and value that empirical research has with regard to informing public policy discussion regarding pressing issues confronting the country and world.  A particularly important point of departure for both Scanlan’s talk and the conference theme was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts’ reference to “sociological gobbledygook” during oral arguments in a Wisconsin gerrymandering case last fall.

NEOUSS aims to provide students from two-year institutions, community colleges, and four-year institutions an opportunity to talk with and work with students from a variety of institutions.

The conference provides students with an opportunity to present their work through a poster, a panel session, or a roundtable session. Organizers and participants are dedicated to providing a friendly and supportive forum and the opportunity to network with faculty and students from over seventy invited colleges and universities.

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