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OPIE Zone: Abdulmohsin Al Isaee Wins with Essay about Uncle Salem

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Participants at the International Conversation Hour 04/03/18

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Welcome to Week 13 of The OPIE Zone Newsletter.  This week is the final International Conversation Hour for spring semester. We hope you’ll join us for it!  See the details below for more information.

International Conversation Hour

Tuesday, April 10, from 6-7 p.m. in Jefferson Hall, Room 160.

International students and domestic students meet to talk about various topics. This is a good opportunity to make friends and meet people from all over the world. Free beverages and snacks are provided. See the schedule for the whole semester.

OPIE Writing Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the OPIE Writing Contest Winners!

Essay Category Winner

First: Abdulmohsin Al Isaee

Paragraph Category Winners

First: Bashayer Alsaleh; second: Dalal Lafi Alamri; third: Xuanqi Ye

The Winning Essay

The Spectacular Role Model for Me by Abdulmohsin Al Isaee

In my opinion, everybody has a role model in his or her life. One day I was walking on the street in my village when I saw two adult men fighting in front of me. I was really afraid in that situation. Suddenly, a muscular guy stood between those men and stopped the fight between them peacefully with a radiant smile on his face. I was happy of that. Not only because the fight was stopped, but also because that guy was my uncle Salem. I remember that pivotal day in my life like it was yesterday because on that day I decided to choose him to be my role model. I hope to be a great guy and a gregarious man like him some day. My uncle Salem is younger than his siblings, but he is considered a great individual in our extended family especially in making the big decisions in our family. My relationship with my uncle has flourished since that day when he showed his astonishing and noble personality in dealing with the social issues, and in my mind, his personality only started developing even more. There are several facets of my uncle’s personality I admire, starting with his courage in challenging the nature, going through his passion in traveling and ending with his sport-loving personality.

My uncle is very courageous and brave. He likes to challenge the nature. For example, one day he went to Jebel Shams (the highest mountain in Oman by 3100 m) and he climbed it without using any equipment but three bottles of water. Moreover, he likes camping a lot so every weekend he goes to camp in the mountains and sometimes in the desert, and he spends all the night there without any lights or friends. Also, he works in the Special Forces in the Omani Army. Thus, he has an amazing ability in using different guns. My uncle is my role model because of his braveness and his desire of challenging himself and the nature. His passion for challenging himself is not limited to Oman only, but he carries it with him when traveling to other countries, trying new things and learning new skills.

My role model is uncle Salem because he loves traveling around Oman and around the world as well. He has visited most of the Arabian countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan. He told me about his experiences in discovering these countries. Moreover, my uncle has visited many countries outside the Middle East, like Tanzania where he watched a lot of animals in the wild. My uncle learned a lot from those tours around the world. For example, he learned a lot of survival skills in wildlife from Maasai clan so that he can survive in the mountain in Oman. In addition, he learned from a clan in South America how to use a primary material to make a boat. In brief, my uncle was clever enough to learn something new in each trip not only enjoy it. My uncle also loves sports, and his trip to Egypt gave him the passion for volleyball, so now I consider him the best player in that game.

The third thing that I like in my uncle is his passion for sports. He likes soccer and volleyball since he was a child. When he was 13 years old, he joined the soccer team of Sohar. He participated in 26 matches for the team, he recorded 17 goals in those matches, he recorded three goals in one match. In addition to soccer game, my uncle is a professional player in volleyball Game. He has been playing this game since 1999. He plays in Sohar’s volleyball team as well. He participated in a lot of team’s national and international competitions, and he was the captain of the team in period (2006-2015).

Like other teenagers, I have a role model, and he is my uncle. I like my uncle’s lifestyle, he is an adventurer, athlete and fearless guy. He likes to challenge himself and test his abilities, he likes discovering the other cultures and learning new skills. I wish I was like him, and I will learn from his experiences to be a good person in the future. And in the future when I get children, I will teach them what I learnt from my uncle.

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