March 22, 2018 at 4:02 pm

Miller Authors Article on ‘How White Students Enact Whiteness’

A smiling Dr. Paula Miller with buildings and brick walkway in background.

Dr. Paula Miller

Dr. Paula Miller authored an article on “How White Students Enact Whiteness” in the journal Whiteness and Education.

Miller is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Ohio University.

Her journal article is titled “How white college students enact whiteness: an investigation of the attitudinal, behavioural and cultural components that comprise white racial identity at a historically white college.”

Abstract: Historically, white colleges and universities often normalise white culture and white identities while maintaining a facade of diversity and inclusion in ways that foster racial tension and exclusion. This study circumvents this normativity through the creation of a White Racial Identity Scale (WRIS) that provides an empirical measure of the attitudes, behaviours and cultural preferences that guide white racial identities. Such scales have been distributed to people of colour, but such a comprehensive measure has not been created to explore white racial identities. The WRIS was distributed to 221 college students at a Midwestern research university. Exploratory factor analysis revealed eight subcomponents of attitudes, behaviours and cultural preferences associated with white racial identity indicating that white racial identities are not universally normative. Instead, white racial identities are patterned according to racial group membership.

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