March 28, 2018 at 12:16 pm

Food Matters Visits Local Goat Farm


Food Matters students at goat farm, group shot

Food Matters students at goat farm

The Food Matters at Ohio University student organization took a trip out to Creekside Farm on Monday, March 26.

Owners Paul Tomcho and  Krista Duval manage the farm, which is home to 25 goats and 50 laying hens, along with small-scale vegetable, berry, and shiitake mushroom production.

Tomcho took the 14 students on a tour of the property, while explaining the history of the land, which was originally sectioned off as a Land Grant from the Civil War. The couple purchased 125 acres from the original owners six years ago. Tomcho’s love for the land was palpable as he discussed the importance of being stewards of the Earth and leaving it better than they found it. He pays very close attention to the nutrient levels of the soil, in order to create the best pasture and environment for this operation.

students petting goat

After a tour, the students spent time hanging out with the goats. Many were shocked at how friendly and social the animals are, constantly coming up to be petted. This experience helped them gain a better understanding of land management, livestock production, and how local products like cheese are produced.

You can find Creekside cheese, goat milk, and other products at the Athens Farmers Market and other retail locations around town.

Students at Creekside Farm, with several goats

Students at Creekside Farm


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