March 7, 2018 at 1:49 pm

Career Corner | Food Matters Students Get Tips on Creating Resume and Cover Letter

Food Matters at Ohio University, logo with green pattern

Food Matters hosted a workshop on “Bragging Rights: Creating the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter” through the Career and Leadership Development Center on March 6.

Students were given inside tactics on how to present themselves the best way possible to future employers.

The workshop focused on topics such as job skills, transferable skills, and adaptive skills; the proper way to format a resume; and how to write the most attractive cover letter possible. The club members were prompted to describe a position they have held in the past with strong action words and proper verb tense.

The students of Food Matters really loved the workshop and thought it was time well spent. The skills they gained are incredibly practical and will be immediately implemented as many begin applications for summer internships and post-graduate employment.

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