January 9, 2018 at 4:23 pm

Researcher Looking for Interview Subjects

Abby Dubisar is asking you to participate in a research study. Abby is an English professor at Iowa State who studies persuasion. The purpose for this interview-based study is to explore the rhetorical strategies of women farmers and food workers.

In particular, Abby Dubisar would like to interview you about experiences in food work or farm work (or both, if applicable). The interview will be digitally audio-recorded so that it may later be transcribed and used as data.

The interview will take approximately one hour, with the option for an additional follow-up interview to clarify interview transcripts and conduct member checking. Member checking would involve you reading Abby Dubisar’s writing about the interview and would give you the opportunity to suggest changes to the writing. This could be done in person or via phone or email.

If you have questions about this study and may be interested in participating, please contact Abby. Phone: 513.379.7870, Email: dubisar@iastate.edu. Please forward this interview request to other individuals who may be interested.

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