January 10, 2018 at 4:23 pm

Career Corner | 7 Career Benefits of a Strong Network

Networking graphic, with symbols and people icons connected

By Kassandra Mullins
Graduate Resident Director 

Landing a valuable internship or job opportunity through networking is the ideal end goal for most individuals, but have you considered how building your network can benefit you beyond the job hunt?

According to Business Insider (Huhman, 2014), networking is a key to success for your career. Huhman offers a reminder that a network of contacts can have potential beyond job or internship opportunities by emphasizing seven perks of networking apart from job connections:

  • Guidance
  • Opportunities (such as exploring volunteer work, hobbies, or new trends in your field)
  • Support
  • Discovery
  • Growth
  • Status
  • Resources

As you network, remember that the connections you build now can provide advantages for years, maybe even the rest of your career! How will your network of contacts help you prosper?

To read more about the perks of networking beyond the job or internship search, see Career Benefits of a Strong Network at Business Insider.

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