December 18, 2017 at 8:24 am

Alumni News | Genna Auteri Enjoys Project on How Childcare Decisions Affect Women’s Work

A smiling Genna Auteri

Genna Auteri

Genna Auteri ’09 ’11M works at Thoughtwell leading a project for the Columbus Women’s Commission that focuses on the intersection of job growth and childcare. Through a series of focus groups, her project looks at how women make decisions based on the childcare that is available to them and how that may affect their job opportunities.

Since her focus in graduate school had always been gender-based, Auteri is interested in exploring this topic in different ways.

She graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University with an M.A. in Sociology after earning a B.A. in Sociology and a Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Thoughtwell is a non-profit research, evaluation and data center that conducts social and demographic data collection and analysis. Its goal is always to turn data into information that can guide organizational and community decision making.

Auteri really enjoys the organization because it is a very collaborative and team-based environment, which gives her the chance to participate on many different projects.

Other current projects at Thoughtwell include the State of Poverty report for the Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies, a benchmarking report for Oklahoma City, and a project for Franklin County Children Services to provide guidance on how to encourage people to want to foster teens.

Teaching at Columbus State

Auteri also teaches Introduction to Sociology at Columbus State Community College. She recognizes that she is lucky to have both of her jobs work around her schedule so that she can take on both roles.

“I have always loved teaching and I enjoy the challenge to teaching a diverse group of students,” she says.

Teaching sociology keeps her connected to her passion for social change and is always pushing her to improve her teaching abilities.

Teaching has given her a solid foundation for public speaking and she hopes to use this skill at Thoughtwell, too.

“I stay really busy,” Auteri continues, “but I love both of my jobs and I really feel like the work I am doing is meaningful.”

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