November 6, 2017 at 11:24 am

Transfer Tip | Prepare to Meet with Your Adviser

Kristi Conrad

Kristi Conrad

By Kristi Conrad
Academic Advisor and Transfer Specialist

It is registration season! It can be very exciting to plan out classes for the next semester and get that much closer to earning your degree.

At Ohio University, in order to schedule, you must meet with your major adviser to have your hold removed. As a transfer student, this may not have been the case at your previous college or university. In order to help make the most of your advising appointment you should:

  • Refresh and print your DARS to bring along.
  • Look over the course offerings for classes you need and see if they are available.
  • Map out times that you are unable to schedule classes due to work, sports, or other commitments.
  • Consider your interests outside of you major. This can help with choosing Tier or liberal arts requirements.
  • Add some of your first-choice classes to your enrollment shopping cart. This can be changed as needed.

All of these things will help your advising appointment go smoothly and will allow for you and your advisor to choose the best courses for your major and your schedule.

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