November 7, 2017 at 3:05 pm

Graduate Students Participate in Ohio Latin Americanist Conference

Graduate students at Ohio Latin Americanist Conference, posed for group photo in Columbus

Graduate students at Ohio Latin Americanist Conference

Twenty-five graduate students and faculty members from the Modern Languages Department and the Latin American Studies graduate program participated in the 16th Annual Ohio Latin Americanist Conference on Oct. 21 and 22.

Organized by the Center for Latin American Studies at Ohio State University in collaboration with Ohio University, this conference seeks to promote knowledge related to Latin America from different disciplines, such as literature, linguistics, history, education, geography, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, art, and international studies.

The Ohio Latin Americanist Conference will probably be making a return visit to Athens in the near future, and the Modern Languages Department will continue collaborating with area universities to make the event a success.

“Ohio University has been participating in this conference since its inception in 2002 when the OSU held a Title VI grant,” says Dr. Betsy Partyka, Associate Professor and Chair of Modern Languages at Ohio University, and one of the main organizers. “Ohio University hosted the event for three years between 2008-10. Since then it has traveled around Ohio full circle back to Columbus. This is a great conference for OHIO’s graduate and undergraduate students to see what our professions are all about.”

In one of the panels, presenters read poems, short stories, chapters from novels, and translation excerpts. The variety of topics illustrated how writers can reflect on issues such as colonialism, gender, and delinquency in Latin America. In another panel, graduate students enrolled in an Hispanic Linguistics Seminar talked about their research projects focused on phonology, language contact and Spanglish.

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