October 1, 2017 at 7:45 pm

Sustainability on Film | Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping, Oct. 18

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The next film sponsored by the Sustainability Studies theme is Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping on Oct. 18 at the Athena Cinema.

The films shown on Oct. 4 and the one on the Oct. 18 focus on the social and economic dimensions of sustainability as well as environmental challenges.

Film poster for Freightened, the real price of shipping, showing bow of container shipOn Oct. 18, Freightened investigates the hidden social, economic and environmental story of the global shipping trade.

On Oct. 4, three short films, Tidewater, Rainmakers of Nganyi, and Call from the Sea, explored the military’s vulnerability to rising sea levels, cultural and spiritual dimensions of sustainability challenges and solutions, as well as the close social, economic and cultural connection between the Bajau people and the ocean.


These films are part of the fall semester Sustainability Film series. The Sustainability Studies Theme is a regular co-sponsor of this annual film series that brings together students, faculty and community members to witness and discuss our major environmental and sustainability challenges as well as innovative solutions.

After each film, panel discussions are held. Audience members are encouraged to stay to ask questions and voice their opinions on the issues or topics that the films highlight. On Oct. 4, the panelists were Dr. Geoff Dabelko, Associate Dean and Director of the Environmental Studies Program; Dr. Catherine Cutcher, Assistant Director for the Global Studies program and Fulbright Scholar in Kenya who wrote her dissertation about popular education and development among local women’s organizations; and Alex Hurley, a second-year Environmental Studies graduate student researching how cities form partnerships with other governments and organizations in order to adapt to climate change at local levels.

On Oct. 18, after the showing of the film Freightened, the panelists will be Dr. Robin Muhammad, Associate Professor and Chair of African American Studies and Director of the African American Research Institute; Meg Little, environmental studies graduate student, and Cactus May, a Ph.D. candidate in English at Ohio University who teaches courses in writing about environmental sustainability.

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