October 24, 2017 at 4:42 pm

Spring 2018 | Political Science Offers Course in LGBTQ Politics

Dr. Susan Burgess

Dr. Susan Burgess

Dr. Susan Burgess, Professor of Political Science, is teaching a class on LGBTQ Politics, POLS 4190 in Spring 2018. 

The class is inspired by a recent book by Burgess and her colleagues called “LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader.” This book will be the main text of the class, and also was published with affordability in mind.

LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader book cover, with rainbow flags flyingThe book contains essays, which analyze various elements of the LGBTQ movement through a variety of lenses such as public opinion, campaign and elections, globalism, etc. The class will analyze how these elements of political science apply to LGBTQ politics. It will also examine how LGBTQ politics change these models, and are different from mainstream politics. The class will take an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to LGBTQ politics, utilizing race, class, and age, etc.

The class will contain a historical overview of the LGBTQ movement, as well as with a look at the movement in pop culture. Although the course will mainly focus on the United States, there also will be a global element that examines how the movement has expressed itself in an ever more connected world.

POLS 4190 is an online course that has been taught in the past, but Burgess has decided to revamp it because of the new book. Burgess wanted to teach the class online so that students with busy schedules, as well as students at the branch campuses, will have the opportunity to take the course.

Burgess has taught related courses in law, and queer theory. She is interested in the relationship between social movements, law, and politics how these elements change across a variety of movements. She hopes that students will come away from the course with a clearer understanding of LGBTQ themes like sex and gender, and an idea of what political science has to say about it.

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