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September 10, 2017 at 11:55 pm

History’s Miner Interviewed by WOUB on Russian Cyber Attacks

Dr. Steven Miner standing at lecturn

Dr. Steven Miner

WOUB’s Spectrum recently featured an interview with Dr. Steven Miner, Professor of History at Ohio University. Miner is the author of the award-winning Between Churchill and Stalin: The Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the Origins of the Grand Alliance (1988), as well as Stalin’s ‘Holy War’: Religion, Nationalism, and Alliance Politics, 1941-1945 (2003). His newest book, The Furies Unleashed: The Soviet People at War 1941-1945, is forthcoming from Simon and Schuster.

In the interview, Miner noted that as an expert on Russia he feels like Russia only becomes interesting when it is a problem. “It’s been a very interesting place in the last twenty years, but few people would have been interested in an interview with me because it was ‘their’ problem not ours. Now we are interested in it again because it is enmeshed in our current politics.”

The interview spans a broad range of topics, including the nature of the Russian political system, the personality and power of Russian President Vladimir Putin, recent developments in Russian foreign policy, and the Russian cyber attacks as a particular aspect of Russian-US relations.

Listen to the complete interview.

Read more about Miner’s research and teaching interests on his department web page.

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