September 11, 2017 at 1:33 pm

Food Studies Student Accepted into Prestigious Oxfam Program

Joy Kostansek on right

Student Joy Kostansek began her participation in the prestigious Oxfam International’s Change Initiative program over the summer through a training conference in Boston.

“I was one of 38 students across the country accepted into Oxfam’s Change Initiative program,” says Kostansek.

Oxfam America is a global organization committed to fighting injustices rooted in poverty. The Change leadership program accepts students who are committed to fighting social justice and poverty issues in their area.

“We go through a week-long intensive training that gives us tools and knowledge on how to bring action to the issues we are about. Then, throughout the following school year, we host different Oxfam initiatives on campus to bring our knowledge and passion to the student body. This is guided by a campus mentor, mine being Dr. Steve Scanlan in the Sociology & Anthropology Department. 

“This will directly relate to my involvement with the Food Studies theme. I am building my education around the goal of working within the political realm of fixing the policies relating to food in this country and globally. It is painful to see how bountiful the food system in the country can be, yet countless go hungry and malnourished. I plan on building links between resources, fixing policy gaps, and educating fellow Americans on how they can bring about these changes daily. Food Studies has given me opportunities time and time again to expand my knowledge on these issues, to really help propel me in my future career, Kostansek says.

“I am planning on using Oxfam as a way to continue to help the food security issues that exist in Athens. There are endless opportunities to build bridges between resources in this area, and it just takes action to get these projects rolling. I am hoping Oxfam will help me do this to the best of my ability.”

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