September 13, 2017 at 5:44 pm

Food Studies Partners with Athens Vegan Cooking Workshop


Students in Food Matters club eating at picnic table at Learning Gardens.

Students in Food Matters club.

The student leaders of the Food Matters student organization at Ohio University and Athens Vegan Cooking Workshop, hosted by Conscious Ohio, are partnering in hopes of bringing together students who are interested in sustainable eating and where their food comes from.

Food Matters is associated with the Food Studies theme at Ohio University.

Conscious Ohio will purchase bulk orders of produce from the Plant Biology Learning Gardens and promote that it is locally and organically grown by students.

A plated meal featuring organic food.

A meal featuring organic food.

In return, Food Matters plans on promoting the Vegan Cooking Workshops and recipes at events, including the Wednesday veggie sale at Atrium Cafe. Future partnerships also will include workshops including bread baking, kombucha, fermentation, and more.

This is huge step in creating a bigger food community on campus!

For updates on events, follow Food Matters and Athens Vegan Cooking Workshop on Facebook!

Food studies graphic, with outlines of eggplant, tomato, corn, etc.

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