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September 29, 2017 at 11:55 am

Biological Sciences Launches Career Initiative to Support Graduate Students

The Biological Sciences graduate program launched a new initiative this year to help students develop practical, career-building skills.

On Oct. 9, the department hosts Jennifer Murphy, assistant dean of Career Management and Student Success from the OHIO College of Business. Her lecture is titled, “Managing your network and career.” Murphy’s seminar will be focused on practical advice for building professional connections.

The objective of this program is to connect graduate students in the department with career experts and young professionals who can offer insight on the current science job market, which has changed dramatically over the past five years.

The department hosts a weekly research seminar series, inviting speakers from across the country to discuss their work with students and faculty. This fall, they have invited two speakers – a recent graduate from the department and a career development professional – who will meet with students to answer their questions about post-graduate careers.

Earlier this month, OHIO alumna M.  Scarlett Tudor presented a seminar on her Ph.D. work at the University of Florida Gainsville as well as her work as a research associate at University of Maine Orono over the past five years. An Athens native, Tudor earned both her B.S. (2005) and M.S. (2007) in the department, working under the direction of Biological Sciences professor Dr. Molly Morris.

Biological sciences professor Molly Morris (right) and OHIO alumna M. Scarlett Tudor (left), a former graduate student in Morris’ lab. Tudor earned her M.S. in 2007.

During her visit, Tudor attended a lunch with graduate students and shared her firsthand account on the current job market in science. She also spoke with current graduate students in Morris’ lab, which culminated in the initiation of a collaborative research project.

Students that met with Tudor said they were impressed to discover that some of the basic skills acquired during an academic career are now considered very valuable in Tudor’s more applied research job that focuses on two of the most important aquacultural species for Maine, salmon and lobster.

OHIO alumna M. Scarlett Tudor (right) met with first-year Ph.D. student Meredith Fitschen-Brown (center) and undergraduate student Jenna Shroyer (left). Fitschen-Brown and Shroyer both work under the direction of Molly Morris, Tudor’s former research advisor.

Additionally, the department hosted a teaching workshop for new graduate students at the beginning of the fall semester. The event, organized by Biological Sciences lecturer Stephanie M. Miller, was attended by nine new graduate students, five experienced teaching assistants, and four faculty members. The workshop included a panel discussion, public speaking exercise, and introduction of new resources available through the College of Arts and Sciences.

The department will continue this initiative in future semesters, aiming to help their students begin developing the skills and connections to succeed after graduation.

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